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Association of Teachers of Modern Greek

Supporting Modern Greek Language Education






AATMG provides information and facilitates communication among individual instructors and among programs and heritage communities to promote the teaching of Modern Greek language.  Professional knowledge of the field and active involvement in the profession give us the opportunity to become better advocates of our Modern Greek language programs.



We promote, facilitate and establish collaborations among individual members as well as schools and their programs. We share resources and expertise to help members design and evaluate curricula and plan better for their programs, to discuss and implement new pedagogical approaches, and to introduce new research-driven practices in the classroom.





We sponsor two meetings yearly, one at the Convention and Expo of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) in November, and another one in April at the National Council of the Less Commonly Taught Languages (NCOLCTL). Members give presentations, participate in panel discussions, and organize AATMG activities and events.



AATMG is dedicated to bringing quality professional development to members, to benefit instructors, as well as their schools. Through conferences, workshops, webinars, individual meetings and mentorship AATMG helps educators succeed in their profession, and create excellent programs for their learners.



Our goal is to support and promote advances in teaching and learning Modern Greek. From course design to lesson planning, and from web based learning to research-driven classroom strategies, we focus on approaches that lead to excellence in teaching and learning.






AATMG supports the growing interests of the Modern Greek language education field by serving as a resource center.  We offer support and advice on the development and uses of educational materials, on assessment tools and pedagogically sound practices. We advise members and programs that are interested in using online tools and innovative

technologies to improve language education.






The American Association of Teachers of Modern Greek (AATMG) is an organization that supports best practices, innovative technologies, and research in the teaching and learning of Modern Greek. AATMG facilitates networking and collaborations among members, creates opportunities for professional development, and is an advocate of the Modern Greek language education field






Eva Prionas
Stanford University
Vassiliki Rapti
Emerson College
Vice President
Louiza Kondilis
Portland State University
Nancy Biska
Adelphi University
Member at Large
Heracles Panagiotides
University of Washington
Member at Large

                        2 0 2 0   E v e n t s                        

The implementation of the Common Core Curriculum is in process as of Fall of 2019 and continues throughout 2020.  Assessment tools are in place and schools will report first results in June of 2020.   Our Seminar on February 2020  was attended by new teachers who are starting their professional development this year and welcomed back colleagues who worked together in the past. A great year to all!! 

2 0 1 9   E v e n t s 

During the academic year 2018-2019 the Bay Area Schools worked together on preparing curricular documents based on proficiency levels and student age groups.  Individual school work has resulted in developing guidelines and materials pertinent to a Common Core Curriculum for the Greek Schools of the San Francisco Bay Area.  AATMG  organized seminars  throughout the year and prepared participants for the implementation of the Common Core Curriculum.

2 0 1 8   E v e n t s 

AATMG organized a Spring seminar on the topic “Classroom Management in a Collaborative Learning Environment”.  The seminar took place in April 2018, at Stanford University.


AATMG organized a Winter seminar on the topic “Can Do Statements: A roadmap for Teaching and Learning Modern Greek”.  The seminar took place in February 2018, at Stanford University.  

2 0 1 7   E v e n t s 

AATMG organized a Fall seminar on the topic “World-Readiness Standards and the Modern Greek Language Curriculum”.  The seminar took place in September 2017, at Stanford University. In addition to the live seminars AATMG planned a series of webinars for several schools to work towards achieving their specific educational goals and updating their practices.  For information regarding details on seminars, webinars, and membership please email to

In April 2017, continuing with the theme “Modern Greek Language Education in the US”, AATMG organized the second in the series of seminars for language educators in the Bay Area. The topic was “Identifying and Advancing Proficiency Levels in the Greek Language Classroom” and the seminar was held at Stanford University. Participants had the opportunity to work together and address questions related to identifying proficiency levels and assessment tools within the US and the European Frameworks.  The April 2017 seminar was dedicated to Elpida Bairaktari Panos, AATMG Board Member and Academic Coordinator, who lost her battle to complications from Lymphoma on March 6, 2017.

Elpida Bairaktari Panos received her BA degree from the Aristoteleion University of Thessaloniki; MA from the University of Reading, Great Britain; and Ed.M. from Columbia University. She completed her Doctoral coursework in Theoretical Linguistics at the University of Maryland. She published and lectured in the linguistics field and her pioneering work in applied linguistics enriched the linguistics curricula of many schools in the U.S. and abroad. During the past 10 years she taught at the Odyssey Charter School in Wilmington, Delaware.  She served on the AATMG Board with enthusiasm and professionalism.  Elpida set a high standard in teaching for all language educators and lived her life with focus on nurturing ideas and practicing her craft with love and dedication. 

April Seminar, Bay Area Modern Greek Language Educators, Stanford University

In January of 2017, AATMG President Eva Prionas held the Seminar on Greek Language Education at Stanford University.  The seminar attendees were able to learn strategies to enhance the Modern Greek language learning experience, as well as connect with colleagues in order to create a learning community that benefits teachers and students.  A highlight from the seminar is featured below:

January Seminar, Bay Area Modern Greek Language Educators, Stanford University

2 0 1 6   E v e n t s 

In June of 2016 and as part of the Organization’s professional development activities, AATMG representatives met with Directors of Greek Schools in Northern California, to discuss plans for a series of workshops on “proficiency and assessment within the American and European Frameworks”. 


AATMG, a member organization of the National Council of the Less Commonly Taught Languages (NCOLCTL) participated in the 19th National Council of Less Commonly Taught Languages conference that took place in Atlanta, April 21 – 24, 2016. The conference, titled “Positioning the LCTLs with Paradigm Shifts in US Education” brought together professionals from academia, government, the private sector as well as students in the field of Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTLs). At the conference, AATMG members gave presentations and represented the Organization in conference activities. They also had the opportunity to discuss issues pertinent to the field and to decide on future directions for the Organization.

2 0 1 5   E v e n t s 

In November 2015 AATMG held a meeting at the ACTFL convention and Expo in San Diego, CA. After the presentations members talked about plans for next year and future directions for AATMG.


In May of 2015 AATMG cosponsored the educational panel entitled "Greek Education in the USA: New Trends and Entrepreneurial Opportunities" of the "Modern Greece" 2015 Greek Economic Forum Conference that took place at Harvard University. The conference addressed issues on language education and the role of technology at the university as well as K-12 levels. AATMG Board members presented and participated in panel discussions.

January Seminar




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